Besides mobile flagpoles, we supply an array of flagpoles to maintain in place your flags and banners. Flagpoles will ensure your business attracts a lot more attention. Flagpoles decorate your premises and ensure that your company name or product attract more attention. The choice of a flagpole is based on its purpose, environment, convenience and budget. ProFlags sells excellent Swedish-made flagpoles. We deliver the poles in nearly all the usual formats. The right height for the flagpole is usually a meter above the highest point of your premises. We sell the Original (most affordable), ISS, Promotional Mast and Easylift. All our flagpoles are of the highest quality. The basic pole is the Original, a pole of durable fiberglass reinforced polyester with a tilt anchor. The ISS is a flagpole with an internal hoisting rope and a tilt anchor. The Promotional mast is a flagpole with a 360 degree rotating banner holder equipped with a tilt anchor. The Easy Lift is a flagpole with a 360-degree rotating banner holder and a hoisting system so there is no need to tilt the mast. Our lightweight flagpoles do not require maintenance and have a glossy, smooth finish.

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