Beach flag accessories

In addition to the supplied flagpole and transport bag, it is important to choose a solid beach flag base. When your beach flag is placed outside on the street or in a fair, you usually need another base. If your beach flag is destined to a flat surface, you can choose between a cross base, a luxury cross base (heavier material), a ground plate, or a beach flag holder. To make the bases heavier, weigh down with a water bag. For uneven surfaces, we have a ground spikes, metal screws, or plastic screws. For wall mounting, we supply three types of wall mounts. Most beach flag holders are mounted and can rotate so that the beach flag waves with the wind. This proves necessary to avoid too much force being exercised on the beach flag mast. All beach flag parts are also available individually. We also sell beach flag poles, beach flag transport bags, and water bags individually.

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