About us



ProFlags BV was founded in 2012 and specialises in printing flags. The production is carried out by ProFlags along with a number of selected partners abroad. Our excellent quality-to-price ratio is reached by manufacturing abroad. ProFlags guarantees good quality by monitoring activities and production flows from the Netherlands. Our specialised creative staff designs and develops our products in the Netherlands.

All product-manufacturing processes are worked out in detail before production is launched. Our short production cycle and effective collaboration with carriers ensure most delivery datelines are met without delay. Shipments from our production facilities are delivered to us several times a week. The products are fully checked (print, stitching and customer-specific requirements) before they are forwarded to the customer.

Our products are retailed by resellers, selected dealers and through our own network of websites. Our main market is Europe, but we also supply products to customers in America and other countries outside Europe.