ProFlags guarantees high quality. Because we develop our own products, we are in a position to offer high quality at a very competitive price. We monitor the entire process step by step, from design to production.

Upon reception of your design or request, one of our professionals is selected to handle your project. Your own design’s manufacturability and quality are examined. If the design has imperfections (e.g. misalignment), you will be informed. If you do not have access to the required software, we offer you the services of a specialist, free of charge. Send us your sketch, text, colours, image, or logo and we will create a digital design for you based on best quality. Once we obtain your approval, production will be launched.

Razor-sharp full colour print by means of digital printing. That’s how we deliver our flags. Depending on the quantity and number of colours, we print beach flags by applying different techniques. Screen printing is possible for orders of 20 pieces or more and with a maximum of 4 colours. We always use digital printing when producing up to 20 flags. After printing, the product is checked for defects and the design’s final layout is examined. Screen printing has the advantage of a 100% print through. The quality of digital print is indeed higher.

After printing, the products are carefully cut and trimmed to size. This is done both by machine and by hand. All our products have hemmed edges and double stitching. Our experience has shown that this kind of finish guarantees a long product life cycle. After finishing the flag, another check for defects is performed. Each product is then wrapped individually in plastic to prevent any damage. All products are then checked for compliance with the order.

Because the production facilities are not located in the Netherlands, we bundle our orders to have them shipped simultaneously to our warehouse in the Netherlands. We manufacture abroad because labour costs are significantly lower than in the Netherlands. Manufacturing a flag is labour-intensive, as it cannot be fully automated. Bundled shipments also diminish costs effectively. Because we produce large amounts at once, your order’s delivery time will not be impacted negatively. Packages are shipped daily from the production site to our warehouse. This method of operation enables us to offer high quality for a very sharp price. We also take urgent orders. If you wish to place one, please contact us.

Once the products are delivered to our warehouse, they are recounted and checked again. Then the online orders are assembled in accordance with the packing slip. We have a large array of masts, holders, and accessories in stock in our warehouse.