Most of our products are designed in-house by our engineers. With software such SolidWorks and Adobe Illustrator, templates and products are worked out in detail. Because our market activity takes place mostly outside the Netherlands, we make our products easy to transport. To achieve this, we use lightweight materials such as aluminium and fiberglass, among others. The layouts for standard products such as driving range targets and golf flags are designed in Adobe Illustrator. The hardware of frames, holders, and poles are designed in SolidWorks.

After a product has been developed and checked, we make a prototype of that particular product. This prototype is verified against a checklist in order to establish that the production complies with the original concept. After verification and quality check, the prototype undergoes a battery of tests over a certain period of time. Product testing is done at various locations including golf courses, sports clubs and customers with whom we work closely. After the test period, the product is re-checked and adjustments are made if necessary. In case adjustments need to be made, the product is re-tested.

After product testing, the last arrangements are made, also regarding packaging. Once a product is ready, it is put online on the aforementioned website along with its specifications and prices.